Record: 10603 Lots

Today at 1001bricks a new record: 10603 Lots (references, or different items).
And 1,831,509 items – but this isn’t our record 😉

Unique Lots! Don’t be fooled: if some shops show a higher number of Lots, they’re in double, phentermine triple, or more. Those are NOT unique Lots. You can easily check this on BrickLink (or anywhere else).

In fact, we’re (for years) the shop with the widest choice of LEGO® items in the World.

An items shop built for builders: your shop.
Thank you for your continued support!

Just for your information, Lots are displayed in BrickLink on your top-left, and you may click the « Newest » link to see the brand new Lots we uploaded.

Have a good weekend!

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