BrickLink MOC Shop Preview

That’s it!

Please discover the Preview of the BrickLink MOC Shop (aka « BrickLink V2 »).

This is a quite symbolic preview, but more important is Admin’s description of the buying and selling processes here.

And don’t miss the pretty confusing entry in the Main page, which for now mixes BrickLink V1 Help/Terms and the new MOC Shop… but it’s a Preview 😉

BrickLink changes, and now the changes are arriving pretty fast – especially considering for how long many have waited for this. You may be interested to read for live reactions in the BrickLink forum.streaming The Shack

By the way – we here are happy to see BrickLink is now copying our Black, White and Yellow appearance we have for now 8 years 😉
Joking – but a good Design, for sure 🙂

Have a good day!

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