News Shipping, Expéditions

The French Post shipping rates have changed on 01 JAN 2014. Until today, we couldn’t find the time to update them… I know, we’re in June… but don’t complain, you had a cheaper rate for 6 months 😉 Now it’s done you may … Lire la suite

BrickLink Admin leaves / nous quitte

We here are really and deeply unhappy to read that Eric A. Smith leaves BrickLink.He (and Northstar Computer Systems) has been a long time support of BrickLink and of Dan’s vision. Today is maybe like if Dan died a second … Lire la suite

BrickLink MOC Shop Preview

That’s it! Please discover the Preview of the BrickLink MOC Shop (aka « BrickLink V2 »). This is a quite symbolic preview, but more important is Admin’s description of the buying and selling processes here. And don’t miss the pretty confusing entry … Lire la suite