1001bricks : eBay

That’s it, we’re starting to sell on eBay. It’s new for us and a kind of test. The shipping fees are fixed and at a very cool price!   Please support us there, an opportunity for you to get an … Lire la suite

Another Year? A New Year!

Hi ! We did a lot of things this 2014 Year, but for now they don’t appear. We’re now ready to make this 2015 Year a new one! We’ll have new shipping rates/options, new invoices, we’ll make things easier for … Lire la suite

Delays – retards

WARNING: DELAYS 12 JUL 2014 – 17 JUL 2014 (approx.) … some of us will be out of town, for business. The Shop remains opened, but expect: * slow or no reply to e-mails or contacts, * slow or no … Lire la suite

LEGO® DIY Key Holder

As Summer arrives – here, anyway – tribes of bears leave their caverns 😉 It would be a good idea they don’t have to search for their keys… The LEGO® DIY Key Holder The most simple and efficient model is probably … Lire la suite

News Shipping, Expéditions

The French Post shipping rates have changed on 01 JAN 2014. Until today, we couldn’t find the time to update them… I know, we’re in June… but don’t complain, you had a cheaper rate for 6 months 😉 Now it’s done you may … Lire la suite