What to read this Sunday?

Your Kindle just felt in the bathroom? 😀
Don’t worry; here are some LEGO® magazines.

LEGO Shop - Mozilla Firefox_2014-04-06_20-16-22One of our favorites AFOLs magazines is – of course – Joe Meno’s BrickJournal, that you can find either at Tomorrows’ or (depending your Country) at LEGO Shop.


We’re very happy to have helped in distributing BrickJournal at 1001bricks for a couple of years.
I also have had the great pleasure to meet Joe and we had fun playing LEGO on our table (while waiting for the Flammeküche during Fanabriques Rosheim)… that was a good moment 🙂

Choo choo!

RB14_highWe’ve always (modestly) supported RailBricks – thanks Jeramy Spurgeon and Elroy Davis now (and all the contributors!) to provide us a so well designed and interesting magazine.
I’m not a « train fanatic » – I’m not sure I should reveal this 😉 – but if this magazine is obviously train oriented, it also brings interesting general ideas, fine technics (SNOT, etc.), and links to other LEGO® domains.
In short, it’s free, beautiful, happy and interesting – here you can find the latest edition.


HBM019_ing_highLast but not least, HispaBrick, a Spanish AFOLs initiated magazine project, is mature enough to bring you 100+ pages of LEGO® pleasure, fans informations and MOCs – in English.
The just released edition can be found here.
Muchas gracias Antonio Bellón and all participants for this huge task and wonderful result: an International Magazine!

1001bricks Sabine’s translation:
Por último, pero no menos importante, HispaBrick, un proyecto de revista para los « AFOLs » españoles, es lo suficientemente maduro como para ofrecer más de 100+ páginas de placer LEGO®, informaciones para aficionados y MOCs – en Inglés.
La edición que se acaba de publicar se puede encontrar aquí.
Muchas gracias a Antonio Bellón y a todos los participantes en esta enorme tarea que resulta en una Revista Internacional.

Hoping you’ve enough to read now – and please support and help to spread those (and others) LEGO® fan’s publications – they deserve it!

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