LEGO® DIY Key Holder

As Summer arrives – here, anyway – tribes of bears leave their caverns 😉

It would be a good idea they don’t have to search for their keys…

The LEGO® DIY Key Holder

The most simple and efficient model is probably this one, built on a single Technic Brick 1 x 4 (and any Plate or Baseplate):

LEGO-Keys-2Those bricks are very robust, « guaranteed for Life » 😉 – they hold well the key ring, snap very strongly to the Baseplate ; much appreciated for heavy key holders.


Of course, there are other solutions and designs, like this one, based on a Plate, Modified 3 x 2 with Hole and a Plate 2 x 2 for instance (glued is probably better):


Or this nice heart using 2 (glued) Plate, Modified 3 x 2 with Hole:

Source of the pictures various and unknown. Thanks to the authors!

Of course, those are only examples – that’s what is fun with LEGO: you just need a bunch of parts and a bit of imagination (or the opposite?)


Build well – and wishing you a nice Summer.

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