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Did you recently noticed a new payment link in your Invoice?

Because our previous PayPal payment links were often damaged by Webmail services, and we couldn’t use the existing services, we had to develop our own short URL Service: http://kwl.io

Those links forward your Browser to the proper and pre-filled PayPal payment secure page, like (example using FireFox):

Those links are safe and temporary; they are deleted from our database after a certain number of days.

Please use the http://kwl.io link we provide in your Invoice (for PayPal payment mode). It avoids typos, amount or currency errors, and it’s faster for you 😉

We plan to (freely) open this short URL Service to the public, in a (short?) future…

Hoping it helps?

Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques !

This said 😉 we at hope to be able to actively support soon Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin – in general the . We’re working on this right now…
Have an happy Easter!

Ceci étant dit 😉 chez on espère bientôt pouvoir soutenir activement le Bitcoin, Litecoin, 外汇开户 Dogecoin – et les de manière générale. On travaille justement là-dessus en ce moment…
Passez de joyeuses Pâques !


New 2014 T-Shirts

Nouveaux T-Shirts 2014

Français, lire plus bas

Summer is at our (at least) doors 😉 We do contribute to reduce the global heating while using GREEN packaging materials and our brand new  WHITE T-Shirts !

They are guaranteed to both increase your albedo AND to reduce the Crisis, I assure you 😉
Anyway, they are really wonderful and boost the morale 🙂

We should receive them within the next 2/3 weeks and we’ll keep you informed here on the blog.

Until that – please have a nice Spring!


L’été arrive ! Nous participons à la diminution du réchauffement avec des matérieux VERTS et nos nouveaux  T-Shirts BLANCS  !

Ils sont garantis à la fois augmenter votre albédo ET réduire la Crise, si si 😉
En tous cas, ils sont particulièrement beaux et bons pour le moral 🙂

Nous devrions les recevoir d’ici 2/3 semaines. On vous tiendra au courant ici, sur ce blog.

En attendant, bon printemps !

Business cards / Cartes de visites

Finally we found a new printing company and we just received our new Business Cards 😀
We’ll include one in each order shipped from now on.

You can help us!

If you’re to participate to an Exhibition and wish to have a little pile of our cards on your table or diorama, please type a few details in your Order Comments and we’ll ship them to you. Thanks a million for your Support!


On a fini par trouver notre nouvelle imprimerie, et on vient de recevoir nos nouvelles cartes de visite 😀
On en déposera une dans chaque commande expédiée.

Vous pouvez nous aider !

Si vous participez à une exposition et souhaitez avoir un petit tas de cartes sur votre table ou diorama, alors merci de nous donner quelques détails dans le commentaire de votre commande et nous vous les enverrons. Un grand merci pour votre soutien !


What to read this Sunday?

Your Kindle just felt in the bathroom? 😀
Don’t worry; here are some LEGO® magazines.

LEGO Shop - Mozilla Firefox_2014-04-06_20-16-22One of our favorites AFOLs magazines is – of course – Joe Meno’s BrickJournal, that you can find either at Tomorrows’ or (depending your Country) at LEGO Shop.


We’re very happy to have helped in distributing BrickJournal at 1001bricks for a couple of years.
I also have had the great pleasure to meet Joe and we had fun playing LEGO on our table (while waiting for the Flammeküche during Fanabriques Rosheim)… that was a good moment 🙂

Choo choo!

RB14_highWe’ve always (modestly) supported RailBricks – thanks Jeramy Spurgeon and Elroy Davis now (and all the contributors!) to provide us a so well designed and interesting magazine.
I’m not a « train fanatic » – I’m not sure I should reveal this 😉 – but if this magazine is obviously train oriented, it also brings interesting general ideas, fine technics (SNOT, etc.), and links to other LEGO® domains.
In short, it’s free, beautiful, happy and interesting – here you can find the latest edition.


HBM019_ing_highLast but not least, HispaBrick, a Spanish AFOLs initiated magazine project, is mature enough to bring you 100+ pages of LEGO® pleasure, fans informations and MOCs – in English.
The just released edition can be found here.
Muchas gracias Antonio Bellón and all participants for this huge task and wonderful result: an International Magazine!

1001bricks Sabine’s translation:
Por último, pero no menos importante, HispaBrick, un proyecto de revista para los « AFOLs » españoles, es lo suficientemente maduro como para ofrecer más de 100+ páginas de placer LEGO®, informaciones para aficionados y MOCs – en Inglés.
La edición que se acaba de publicar se puede encontrar aquí.
Muchas gracias a Antonio Bellón y a todos los participantes en esta enorme tarea que resulta en una Revista Internacional.

Hoping you’ve enough to read now – and please support and help to spread those (and others) LEGO® fan’s publications – they deserve it!